I am interested in an innovative blend of Graphic Design, Photography, and Interactive Communication Technology. At the start of college I knew I was going to become a design nerd seeking education from passionate designers around the world.

Design allows one to connect globally through a universal visual language. I want people to think deeply about their place in a world with 8 billion people. With a high attention to detail I work with digital graphics, typography, and imagery to expose personal encounters with global issues and different cultures.

Design embodies our world. We are continuously creating ourselves rather than discovering exactly who we are. In life there are no endings, only new beginnings. One idea initiating multiple ideas for future designs. Curiosity leads me to follow an idea that will allow me to gain the most knowledge about global issues.

Seeking inspiration abroad, I studied at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts in Wellington, New Zealand from July to December 2013. The vibrant, natural landscapes and adventurous lifestyle of the Kiwi’s influence my choice to contrast natural colors while highlighting designs with a few bright colors. This can be seen in my Biodiversity Infographic, which I chose to create based on my interest in sustainability. Utilizing digital graphics, typography, and color to visualize statistics, I successfully convey the global need to work together to combat environmental destruction.

Most recently, I developed several print designs for the company Colourworks, in Cape Town, South Africa where I interned from June to August 2014. Gaining working, in-house, studio experience in a different country I overcame language barriers, while beginning the international life I feels is necessary for creating myself and a sustainable world.

In addition to personal international influences, Otl Aicher’s active color palette of the 1972 Munich Olympic posters, serves as inspiration for my choice of vibrant color to emphasize natural settings and movement. I am also inspired by the balanced movement between letterform and the human figure in the work of Alexey Brodovitch.

In my Personal Brand Identity the natural curves in my logo create an interesting contrast with the rigidness of a standard envelope and letterhead. By manipulating the logo I was able to create unique patterns and a dynamic suggesting an interaction between the design and the actual shape of the letterhead and envelopes.

The keen eye I have for nature and movement is also found in the application design Icreated for the late photographer Carelton Emmons Watkins. Developing an interactive app, I was able to animate the natural world digitally to emphasize Watkins photography in Yosemite National Park, California.

Combing my passion for design, travel, adventure, nature, culture and life, my ambitions have led me to adapt to many different situations with a compassionate, creative mindset. If you would like to learn more feel free to contact me. I am waiting to help you produce creative solutions and expand my knowledge and experience in the design field.